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Aleksander Høvik

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Eric Ballester

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Aleksander Høvik and Eric Ballester have driven several companies together in recent years. Mainly business entrepreneurs and sales companies.


They were both entrepreneurs during the startup of Simp AS. This company has previously received support from innovation Norway and has around 300-400 customers in Norway today. The company also thinks internationally and has already acquired a large customer base across Europe and Mexico. They are now entering the United States.


Eric and Alexander also joined as entrepreneurs in the startup of Standout. This is a crew company that has increased revenue every year since its startup. They currently have just under 50 employees.


They have both driven the company Swaa AS. A sales company that had many projects for several well-known clients. Some of these are Telenor, Trygg and Nordea, Fjordkraft, Canal Digital. Swaa also had close cooperation with Adam's matkasse in their startup and helped them become a well-known brand through their direct sales.

At its largest, Swaa AS had about 200 employees and a turnover of 45 million in turnover. Alexander was then the general manager of the company, while Eric was Sales Director.

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